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Do you want to learn some useful Italian phrases before your next trip to Italy? Now you can on our Italian site for free. Our 10 lessons cover topics like; greetings, socializing, travel phrases, at the hotel, emergencies, eating out, shopping, the weather, numbers, and days & time.

Each word or phrase includes an audio clip that was recorded by a native Italian speaker, making it easy for you to learn the correct pronunciation quickly and easily. All our lessons are free and you don’t even have to register to get started. Click here and start learning Italian with us!

With Audible French our online French course for beginners you’ll learn just the French you need in as little as seven days.

In this course, you’ll find not only 33 tips guaranteed to help you learn French, but three separate sections that will teach you French words, phrases and conversational French. You’ll also find motivational techniques to keep your spirits high and your interest piqued as you progress toward mastery of the language. And at the very end, just enough grammar lessons to get you started on your new language journey.

For some free Hindi audio lessons visit Audible Hindi here.

So are you ready to learn a new language for free? Click the banners below to get started with our free audio lessons.

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