Language learning made easy.

Gerrit - Audible LanguagesAudible Languages was founded in early 2011 by Gerrit du Plessis.

Being actively involved in the language learning market since 2008, he discovered that you need to learn HOW to learn a language before you actually learn it, unless it’s your native tongue.

Most language learners use products that are not suited for their learning needs, due to misleading advertising, or the lack of knowledge how to learn properly.

Audible Languages online courses are created to show people what options are available for learning new languages and what kind of products will work best for their learning needs. Each course will teach people how to learn a new language fast, and will also provide the reader with motivational tips, audio lessons, video lessons, and advance learning techniques that will be useful when you learn a new language in the comfort of your home.

Our courses not only addresses the reasons you’ve had difficulty learning a new language, but it teaches you positive, sure-fire techniques for learning a language quickly, easily, and effectively.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our language learning courses.

We wish you success with your language learning adventure.


Gerrit du Plessis and the team at Audible Languages