Language learning made easy.

(Or at least, in the comfort of your own home!)

Learn Arabic OnlineWith the Arab world occupying such a huge place on the world scene today, the ability to speak Arabic is quickly becoming a very important commodity. Maybe you’d like to learn Arabic for your job or for some sort of humanitarian purpose; maybe you’re just interested in exploring Arabic culture from the inside out. Whatever your reason, you’re no longer dependent on the short list of foreign language options offered by your local schools and colleges. You can learn Arabic online!

But with all of the language options available to you, how do you choose the one that will best help you learn Arabic? Online, I discovered a number of programs that teach Modern Standard Arabic, the version of the language used in newspapers and on television. I chose three to review and rank best to worst, to give you a sense of what’s out there and what to look for in a good program. Here are the criteria I used:

  • Usefulness – whether the vocabulary they teach would actually help you in an Arabic-speaking situation.
  • Clarity – whether the average student would understand the concepts being taught
  • Value – whether you’d be getting your money’s worth with this product

The Arabic software programs I’ve compare and contrast are Rocket Arabic, Tell Me More Arabic, Transparent Arabic, Pimsleur Arabic, Linguaphone Arabic, and Yale Language’s Ahlan wa Sahlan. For the beginning student, I’m definitely partial to Rocket Arabic – but I’ll run down the features of each program so you can decide for yourself! Click the links above to read each software review.