Language learning made easy.

How to listen and learn ChineseHave you ever listened to a Chinese speaker and wondered if you could learn to speak like that? Well, you can – and it’s easier than you think. With an audio-based language system like Rocket Chinese, you can listen and learn Chinese in the comfort of your own home — starting today!

If the language you want to learn is similar to the one you already speak – for example, if you already speak Italian and want to learn Spanish — it’s possible to learn it primarily from books. That’s not a good way to learn any language, mind you, but with two closely-related languages, it is at least possible to achieve basic comprehension just from reading. If you’re an English speaker seeking to learn Chinese, however, it’s a whole different story. There are no similarities between English and Chinese at all aside from the fact that they’re both spoken out loud. You’ll need to listen and learn Chinese through your ears rather than your eyes.

And that’s the beauty of Rocket Chinese. Contemporary linguists have studied the way infants acquire language – by listening, repeating what they hear, and changing the form of those early repetitions to apply to different situations. In the Rocket Chinese program, you’ll apply those same skills to your own language study. First you listen and learn Chinese through the sounds you hear. Then you repeat the sounds and “change them up” to fit new situations. And finally you’ll reinforce those lessons through fun computer games like MegaAudio and MegaVocab, which are designed to lock those sounds into your memory bank.

But what about writing Chinese?

Don’t you have to read Chinese characters in order to master the language? Well, it depends on what you mean by “master.” You may be surprised to learn that many schoolchildren in China don’t start off by learning the traditional Chinese mode of writing; they begin with a simplified style of writing called Pinyin that utilizes the same alphabet as English. Proficiency in Pinyin makes learning traditional Chinese characters easier later on. Rocket Chinese also uses Pinyin as a study aid to help visual learners listen and learn Chinese in the most efficient way for them.

But what if you get stuck? You don’t know any Chinese people to ask for help! Well, with the Rocket Chinese program, you’ll never have that problem. Once you have paid for the program, you’ll gain access to an exclusive 24/7 Member’s Forum staffed by native Chinese speakers, who will gladly help you across any hurdle you encounter.

So – are you ready to listen and learn Chinese using the most effective tools on the market today? Click here and join Rocket Chinese free trial today!