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Let me tell you how Rocket Chinese ranked against Transparent Chinese and Tell Me More Chinese…

Hi, I’m Gerrit—and I’ve faced the same problems as you when it comes to learning a new language like Mandarin Chinese. I’ve spent the last two years trying out language products to get the perfect option for me.

Often, one of the hardest things about learning a foreign language is choosing the right method. Even if you’ve already decided that a computer-based course is right for you, there are so many products on the market that it’s easy to become confused. But don’t worry – after you read this review, I’m sure you’ll agree that Rocket Chinese stands head and shoulders above its competition!

Below is my latest rankings…

1st place
Rocket Chinese review
#1 Rocket Chinese

2nd place
Transparent Chinese review
#2 Transparent Chinese

3rd place
Tell Me More Chinese review
#3 Tell Me More Chinese

Type “Chinese language course” into your favorite search engine, and you’ll turn up some that are very expensive and others that are more budget-friendly. So for the purposes of comparison, I chose three products whose normal retail prices all fall between $179.95 and $300.00 USD. (Notice I said normal retail prices – Rocket Chinese is available for much less if you click on the official link below!)

Now for the ratings. I looked at Rocket Chinese, Transparent Chinese, and Tell Me More Chinese, taking advantage of the money-back guarantee provided by all three companies. I ranked them on the following criteria:

  • Usefulness – whether the vocabulary they teach would actually help you in a Chinese-speaking situation.
  • Clarity – whether the average student would understand the concepts being taught
  • Value – whether you’d be getting your money’s worth with this product

1st place

Rocket Chinese review

Usefulness:    98%
Value:    99%
Customer Reviews:   5 Star User Rating
(1 review)
Price:   $149.95
Overall Rating:  98%

Rocket Chinese definitely deserves the number one slot. Rocket Languages always puts out an excellent product, and Rocket Chinese is no exception. Available as either a 20-CD package or an instant downloadable online version, this product not only beats any other Mandarin Chinese language course in its price range—it gives the rich and famous language courses a real run for their money!

Because we really do learn a language best from hearing and repeating it, Rocket Chinese introduces you to the sound of Chinese through conversation. The speakers are really engaging, introducing you to Chinese life and culture as they teach you words and phrases you’ll actually use. Best of all, and this is really important for such a difficult language, the speakers are easy to understand, making replicating their accent simple and fun.

But maybe you aren’t an auditory learner. That’s okay – many of us aren’t! For example, I learn best by reading – my brother learns best by playing games. Rocket Chinese has activities that suit all learning styles. Visual learners will love the way traditional Chinese characters are taught alongside pinyin (Chinese written using our alphabet).

And gamers will be delighted by Rocket’s exclusive Word Master Game, which helps you translate Chinese sounds into the symbols you see on the page, and Phrase Master Game, which helps you put your new vocabulary words together into phrases you can use. These games don’t feel anything like typical educational fare – they’re fun, challenging, and totally addictive.

And we’re still not done. If you were studying Chinese in a classroom, you’d have someone to ask when you ran into trouble – someone who could help you one on one. Well, Rocket Chinese offers you access to an exclusive learner’s forum moderated by native speakers, to answer all your questions 24/7!

Consumer Tip: This amazing Chinese language course would definitely be worth $299.95. But you don’t have to pay that! Click the link below to find out more.

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I highly recommend you try Rocket Chinese since it is number one in my book. Now let’s look at the others, and you’ll see why I ranked them the way I did.

2nd place

Transparent Chinese

Usefulness:    82%
Value:    79%
Customer Reviews:   n/a
Price:   $179.95
Overall Rating:  81%

Our number two choice of the three Chinese language courses we rated is Transparent Chinese Complete. It has many positive things going for it. It’s relatively inexpensive at $179.95 (that’s the download price).

And it seems intelligently designed; one of its most unique features is its memory algorithm technology, which compares the student’s spoken voice to that of a native speaker to improve your accent. (This may backfire, however, if the student’s accent is so bad the software considers it unintelligible.)

The vocabulary is somewhat slanted toward the tourist rather than the business user, but overall is very useful – the student will learn to ask the time of day, order food in a restaurant, ask directions, and the like. Students get simple grammar lessons and a solid vocabulary, together with a bit of practice in reading and writing Chinese.

Transparent Chinese Complete might be suitable for someone planning to visit China for a very short time, particularly if they’ll be staying in an urban area where many people are fluent in English. In other words, even though the program bills itself as Transparent Chinese Complete, it really isn’t.

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3rd place

Tell Me More Chinese

Usefulness:    75%
Value:    79%
Customer Reviews:   2 Star User Rating
(10 reviews)
Price:   $299
Overall Rating:  78%

And finally, we come to the program receiving the lowest score, Tell Me More Chinese. This course’s low score came as a real surprise to me, because Tell Me More frequently produces language software that is, if anything, TOO comprehensive for the typical user.

This Chinese language course, therefore, is disappointing. At $295.00, it only includes 3 CDs and a fraction of the amount of instruction offered by the other programs I’ve reviewed. Most disturbingly, however, the method of instruction is difficult to follow, and the choice of vocabulary words is not useful in the least.

Like Transparent Chinese Complete, it offers a method of analyzing the student’s own speech to ensure he or she is pronouncing words correctly, and it also provides reading opportunities using both traditional Chinese characters and pinyin. But it’s not enjoyable to use, and it’s difficult to imagine any student sticking with it.

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In my opinion, Rocket Chinese is unquestionably the best Chinese language course of the three reviewed here – and amazingly, it’s also the best value! Check it out today, and get ready to have fun learning Chinese!

I highly recommend YOU try Rocket Chinese

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