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How to say goodnight in FrenchYour days in France will be so filled with delight that you may hope they’ll never end. But unfortunately they will, and you’ll need to learn how to say goodnight. In French, you’ll do this by saying bonne nuit. Just from looking at those words, an English speaker would never be able to guess how to pronounce that phrase, so I’ll quash the suspense – it sounds a lot like “bun-nwee.” Of course, in order to say goodnight in French correctly, you’ll want to click the audio button on this page to hear a native speaker pronounce it, because trying to approximate the sound of French with English equivalents is just that – an approximation.

Another note about bonne nuit. As in English, this is used as an evening substitute for “goodbye.” It implies not just that it’s dark outside, but that either you or the person to whom you’re speaking is going home or going to bed. If you were greeting someone at the beginning of the evening, say at the start of a party, you’d say bonsoir instead (pronounced “bohn-SWAH”).


Bonne nuit


Good evening

Repeat this audio lesson a couple of times aloud until you can pronounce Goodnight “Bonne nuit” in French correctly.

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