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How to say please in French“Please.” In English, it’s such a short, simple word. Not so in French, where the word for “please” is s’il vous plait. Technically, of course, s’il vous plait is a phrase, and it literally means “if it pleases you.” What a lovely, elegant way to ask a favor! You have to use the entire phrase to say “please” in French – just plait will not do.

S’il vous plait is one of those common French words and phrases that an English-speaker would never be able to pronounce just from looking at it. Even if you think you know how to say “please” in French, you absolutely must make a point of clicking the audio button on this page. A native speaker will pronounce s’il vous plait for you; repeat the words a few times until you’re sure you have the sound down pat. If you’re a polite and respectful tourist, you’ll be using this phrase a lot!


s’il vous plait



Arrêtez-vous ici, s’il vous plaît.
Stop here, please.

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