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Rocket French review

Rocket French Premium How many times have you been trying to speak French? Can you do it? Is it really possible that you could speak and understand enough French to start a conversation with confidence using Rocket French? There is so much hype on the Internet that the thought had crossed your mind that you might be taken advantage of. And what if Rocket French doesn’t work at all? What then? Who will help you speak French and will you get your money back?

Hi, my name is Gerrit du Plessis, the founder of this exciting language learning site. Whatever your reason for learning French, I can assure you Rocket French Premium is a great course for beginners. I’m an active member myself and I like the idea that I have lifetime online access, allowing me to learn French when and wherever I want to. If you seriously want to learn more about the French language and culture, I recommend you read my in-depth Rocket French review below.

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Rocket French Premium

Rocket French Premium takes you from a position of knowing NO French to a comfortable level of fluency in a way that is simple, natural, and fun. The speakers, Marie-Claire and Paul, are upbeat and amusing, and fill you with the conviction that you really can master this. Better still, they don’t just teach you static phrases – they give you the grammatical tools to use your new vocabulary in a wide variety of ways.

No question – if you’re ready to learn French online, this is definitely the program you want. And since Rocket French is iPod-compatible, you can take it wherever you go! 

  • Simple to use – Rocket French Premium was created with beginners in mind.

  • Simple to access – Access your course online wherever whenever you want.

  • Simple to get started – Get instant online access within minutes.

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French Culture Lessons

Rocket French culture lessons The Rocket French package also includes French culture lessons. This unique aspect gives you the edge when you’re actually traveling to France. These culture lessons give you an opportunity to fully understand the day-to-day use of the French language without having to experience embarrassing moments.

You’ll not only learn the language with this program – Rocket French’s culture lessons will give you a real sense of what it’s like to be French. Don’t be surprised if you actually start thinking and dreaming in your new language!

Fun Language-Master Games

Rocket French Language-Master Games I did say Rocket French was fun, didn’t I? Like all Rocket Language packages, this program comes with a variety of absolutely addictive games. Word Master helps you make the correct sounds of letters which form words. Phrase Master helps train your ear to use those words you’ve learned and use them in practical sentences—just the way French is spoken on the street.

These fun language games keep you on your toes, and can save you from feeling bored with your lessons.

Interactive French Audio Lessons

Rocket French audio lessons Rocket French’s witty and fun audio lessons are easy to use and will help you speak and understand conversational French fast. You can access the lessons online, download them to your computer, or transfer them to your smart phone, tablet or MP3 player. You can even choose if you want to listen to the conversations in French only or with English commentary.

After each lesson you can test your pronunciation with the new Rocket Record speech technology, learn some extra vocabulary, test how well you’ve understood the lesson by taking the online quiz, and you can even save your own notes online for future reference.

Private Forum Support

Rocket French Forum support In case you’re worried that you’ll miss a human support system if you learn French online, think again! With your purchase, you’ll get lifetime access to Rocket French’s exclusive learner’s forum, where Marie-Claire, a staff of native speakers, and teachers are on call 24/7 to help you with any language-related problem you may have.

This is also the place where you can test your new found language skills by interacting with fellow students.

Advanched French Learning Techniques

Advanched French Learning Techniques Rocket French recently added their new Motivation Center which includes 25 Advanced Learning Techniques. They don’t just push some words and phrases down your throat and hope you’ll learn French. This course will actually help you find the best way to learn French and then provide you with right training tools to master the language. We are all unique and we all learn differently, so by studying and applying what you learn in this section, you will increase your French learning success rate exponentially.

Don’t underestimate this very important section, since the knowledge you’ll gain here will spell success in your French learning endeavors.

French Language Lessons

Rocket French language lessons Rocket French’s language lessons will help you understand French in a fun and easy way. This section uses useful words and phrases in everyday situations, so that you can learn conversational French in the correct context. For example, you’ll learn how to order coffee at the local café, how to get your way around town, etc. These proven French lessons include audio clips so you can easily learn new words and phrases and practice your pronunciation the same time.

If you need a more formal way of tracking your progress, the course provides that through its online quizzes and self-tests that you complete after each lesson. This is a great way to see how well you’ve understood each language lesson and will help your brain lock in these new language skills faster.

So don’t you agree that you owe it to yourself to give Rocket French a try?

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