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Rocket German review

Hi, my name is Gerrit, and I’m the founder of this language learning site. I’ve reviewed many different language courses over the last four years, and I’m confident to recommend Rocket German to you. In fact 98.5% of my readers are 100% happy with my product recommendations. But don’t take my word for it. Read my Rocket German review below and discover why I think Rocket German is the perfect learning resource for you.

Rocket German review

Rocket German Premium

Rocket German 4.5 Star Rating

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Rocket German Premium combines effectiveness with simplicity. This course is suitable for anyone who is looking for a proven German course, but those who have never succeeded in learning German before will find it especially effective. With Rocket German’s easy-to-follow lessons, you’ll learn to speak, read, write and understand German fast in the comfort of your own home.

Rocket German consists out of 7 components. Each component will focus on specific learning styles making this course a winner with auditory, visual and kinesthetic learners.

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  • Simple to use – Rocket German Premium was created with beginners in mind.
  • Simple to access – Access your course online wherever whenever you want.
  • Simple to get started – Get instant online access within minutes.

The best part of the course for me has been Nik and Paul’s audio tracks, especially handy with the amount of traveling I have been doing. Finding my way round the post office and ordering wine (everyone leaves me to do it!) have made me the person other travelers turn to for getting stuff!

Thanks for putting together a great course that makes learning fun rather than a chore!”

Gavin Prendergast, Washington, USA

Rocket German Editorial Review

It doesn’t matter if you learn better visually than aurally – with its interactive software learning games, language and culture lessons, interactive MP3 audio lessons, flash cards, quizzes, and online user’s forum, Rocket German can compensate for that.

Some language courses teach you to say “Peter is coming,” but in that same lesson, you never learn to ask whether his parents are coming too. Well, that type of problem will never occur with Rocket German Premium, which teaches you to manipulate your new vocabulary in all kinds of useful ways.

For some people, the fact that Rocket German is compatible with both Mac and PC will sell the product all by itself. But that’s not its best feature. If you buy Rocket German and work the program as intended, you really will be able to speak basic conversational German two months from now.

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Interactive German Audio Lessons

Rocket German audio lessons Rocket German’s interactive audio lessons form the basis of this exciting learning program. These audio lessons will not only teach you how to speak German, but also how to read and write German, since all audio lessons include the English/German transcripts of the conversations.

You can choose to listen to the German conversations alone, or you can play the lessons that include English commentary. And when you are ready to test your German pronunciation skills, use the new Rocket Record function. At the end of each audio lesson, which covers practical topics you’ll likely encounter while in Germany, you can test your progress by taking the online quiz. You can also save your own notes online for future reference, helping you learn more German faster.

Fun Language Games

Learning a new language like German is great, but you will get tired after a while. Luckily Rocket German has a solution to this age old learning problem. Like all Rocket Language packages, this program comes with a variety of absolutely addictive Language Master games.

Word Master helps you make the correct sounds of letters which form words. Phrase Master helps train your ear to use those words you’ve learned and use them in practical sentences—just the way German is spoken on the street.

These fun language games keep you on your toes—and you’ll never be bored with these lessons!

Private Learn German Forum Support

Rocket German ForumLearning German online with the Rocket German course materials are great, but what do you do when you need some extra help? Don’t worry, your Rocket German membership includes free access to their private learn German forum. This is where you have the opportunity to interact with the Rocket German teachers, fellow students, and even some native German speakers.

Please make use of this support system as often as you could, especially if you don’t live close to a German speaking community. Interacting with German speakers is vital if you’re serious about learning German. And don’t forget to use other social networks like Facebook to connect with even more native speakers for free.

German Language Lessons

Rocket German Language LessonsLearning German with Rocket German’s audio tracks is vital, playing their software-based learning games is fun, and interacting with fellow students through their forum works wonders. But if you want to know how the German language works, then their Language Lessons section is what you need. Here you’ll learn how to talk about gender, actions, idioms, how to ask questions, German grammar, German articles, and so much more! And it’s all done in an interactive, illustrated fun way. And the best part is that they even include audio clips here as well. You’ll never receive more value using a boring textbook to learn German.

Advanched German Learning Techniques

Another Rocket German feature that set it apart from the rest is their motivational resources. Learning German can be boring and hard at times, and it’s easy to put your study time on hold because of social responsibilities. Staying focus is one of the reasons most people fail learning a second language, but Rocket German’s motivational resources can help you stay on track. This section focus on issues like; building confidence, developing your own learning plan, improving your memory, tips for success, etc.

Don’t underestimate this very important section since the knowledge you’ll gain here will determine if you are going to succeed learning German or not.

German Culture Lessons

Rocket German Culture LessonsOne of the features that sets Rocket German apart from most other German courses is the fact that they provide you with German culture lessons. Too many travelers only learn a few basic German words or phrases before their German holiday. But if you understand their culture too, you will be able to interact much better with the locals than the other tourists, setting you apart from the rest. Your willingness to learn more about the German way of living will help you make new friends who will be very willing to show you what it’s really like to be German. It’s these experiences that will make your holiday unforgettable.

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