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Do you speak French “juste un peu” but you want to learn more?

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The ability to say hello, to ask someone’s name, or to comment on the weather in a foreign language is pretty impressive. And French speakers just love it when you try to talk to them in their own tongue. But as soon as you engage a French speaker in any kind of conversation, they tend to just bubble over like a fountain, and before long their French is coming at you so thick and fast you have no idea what they’re saying.

Maybe you’ve completed our Audible French course and you’ve gained some basic conversational skills, but now you want more. Or maybe that rusty French you learned in high school, or that basic-basic class you took for your trip to Paris, has begun to fade into the back of your memory. You’d sure like to have the ability to speak French with your new friends, but you don’t have time to study right now….

Enough of the pity-party! Go to and read why Rocket French is the best solution to your problem! Rocket French is a fresh, exciting new approach to learning a foreign language. If you’ve completed a basic French course like Audible French – if you’ve taken French in the past – or even if you’ve never taken a French course in your life, this remarkable program will work for you!

How do I know? Because Rocket French is designed to target multiple learning styles simultaneously. Maybe you don’t learn well by listening, but you remember everything you read. Maybe you don’t remember what you read, but you love video games and remember things you play. Maybe you remember everything you hear. It doesn’t matter, because Rocket French has a learning stream that plays to your particular strength.

Listeners will love the engaging conversations between Claire and Paul. Readers will love the written transcripts that accompany the conversations. And gamers – you’ll want to download Rocket French’s Language-Master games to your desktop and play every one. (I warn you – these games are so addictive, I couldn’t stop playing!) And you won’t feel alone as you use Rocket French, because there’s a wonderful learner’s forum called “My Community” that puts you in touch with other French students.

Is it any wonder PC Magazine said Rocket Languages was their “editor’s choice for language learning”? Any way you look at it, this is simply a fabulous program. The audio portions are iPod and MP3 compatible, the whole learning system works with either PC or Mac systems, and the low low price of $99.95 includes lifetime access – not just to the forums, not just to the culture lessons or the conversations or the games, but to the entire glorious package.

How could you possibly beat this?

To put it simply, you can’t.

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