Language learning made easy.

Learn Hindi quickly and easilyIf you are planning to visit India soon it will be very necessary to learn the Hindi language as Hindi is India’s national language. You would meet many English speakers in India but you should know some basic Hindi words and sentences in case of emergency or to connect better with the locals. Here are few pointers on how to learn Hindi quickly.

1) First option is an online Hindi tutorial where you communicate with the teachers and fellow students by speaking, listening, reading and writing Hindi. As you hear the language you would understand the pronunciations and accent much better.

2) You can take audio lessons which have conversations between Hindi speakers. The same conversation should also be in written form for you to understand in Hindi and English language so that you get familiar with written Hindi too.

3) Try to communicate with local people to learn basics such as greetings, travel phrases, shopping phrases, etc.

4) Try to get your hands on a Hindi vocabulary book.

5) Keep taking online tests to test how much Hindi you have learnt.

6) You can also ask an Indian for personal tuitions.

7) You can buy books which give training on Hindi language speaking.

8) Use a combination of text and video for better understanding.

9) Learn the basics of Hindi first before you try to master intermediate course materials.

10) Listen as much spoke Hindi you possibly can, that will make the pronunciations clearer to you.

11) Make a list of the 100 most common words and phrases in Hindi and know the pronunciation and meanings of these words.

12) Try to see Hindi movies that will be an interesting way to learn the language.

13) Try to speak more and more of Hindi everyday even if you are not very proficient in it.

14) Use a course which makes learning Hindi fun. The Rocket Hindi language course is brilliant for this purpose.

15) Learn a Hindi phrase and then repeat the phrase until you can pronounce it correctly before your learn the next Hindi phrase.

16) Do learn the Hindi number system in both oral and written form.

17) If you know how to speak in Hindi you can haggle for prices in India.

18) Learn Hindi phonetics as Hindi is highly phonetic.

19) Learn basics such as how to introduce yourself, how to order food in a restaurant, how to move around in public transport (questions like asking for a ticket, knowing the fair, bus or train number).

20) Communicate with locals as much as possible in Hindi to practice what you have learnt.

21) Have full confidence on yourself and what you are speaking. It is ok to make mistakes but do it with confidence.

These are the ways by which you can learn the Hindi language quickly and easily. If you are staying in India or are planning to visit India for a vacation or business trip, the locals will be amazed to hear your excellent Hindi. You can also bargain for better prices and connect more with locals if you know Hindi. So, if you want to explore India this is the best way learn Hindi quickly.

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