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Learn to speak Hindi before you learn to spell itIf you really want to learn Hindi fast, then you better learn to speak it first before you learn to spell it.

If English is your first or second language, then you are used to the Roman alphabet. However, Hindi uses Devanagari script for their writing, making it very difficult for English speakers to learn this exotic language.

But don’t worry there is an easy solution to this age old communication problem.

If you learn to speak Hindi with a proven course like Rocket Hindi, then you will learn the spoken side of the language using interactive audio lessons, making it easy for you to master Hindi fast.

But that’s not all. Since you will find it difficult to learn Devanagari on your first learning attempt, they’ve included a script called Romanized Hindi. Now what is Romanized Hindi? It’s the Hindi language in the Roman alphabet. This is a great way to learn spoken Hindi using a system that you already know, saving you time in the process.

As soon as you are able to speak and understand enough Hindi so that you can comfortably take part in a Hindi conversation, then it’s time you start learning how to spell Hindi.

Doing this will help you keep motivated while you learn Hindi and will also increase your learning success rate by around 53%.

So are you ready to learn Hindi with a proven course? Have a look what Rocket Hindi has to offer you. Remember they do provide new students a 6 day trial offer, so you can easily see what the course is all about without paying a cent or giving out your credit card info.

I wish you success with your Hindi learning adventure!

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