Language learning made easy.

Learn Japanese onlineIt’s a great idea. Japan has assumed such a major role in our global economy that you are sure to benefit from knowing Japanese. But if you type “learn Japanese online” into your favorite search engine, you’ll be deluged with a wide variety of offers – some good, some not. How do you choose the program that will help you learn Japanese online quickly and easily?

I’ve reviewed three different Japanese programs on the market today – most are well-respected, with specific strengths. But I’ll help you choose one that will work for YOU, and which one you must avoid.

The products I’ve reviewed for you are Rocket Japanese, Pimsleur Japanese, Transparent Japanese, Unforgettable Japanese, and Linguaphone’s Japanese. I’ve rated these language-learning programs according to the following criteria:

Usefulness – whether the vocabulary they teach would actually help you in a Japanese-speaking situation.
Clarity – whether the average student would understand the concepts being taught
Value – whether you’d be getting your money’s worth with this product

Now I’ll spoil the surprise by telling you that Rocket Japanese Premium is the best way for me to learn Japanese online. But I’ll give you some background on each course, and you can decide for yourself. Just click the link of each program above to read their reviews.

Did You Know?

Japanese is spoken by around 130 million people around the world. It’s part of the Japonic language family.

Japanese is written with a combination of three different scripts. The first one is called kanji and consists out of Chinese characters. The second and third scripts consist out of two syllabic scripts made up of modified Chinese characters – katakana and kanji.

The so called fourth script is called rōmaji – Japanese written with the Latin alphabet. This is a great way for Westerners to learn Japanese and is also used by Japanese speakers when they use computers.

Japanese is the official language of Japan and Palau.

Visit the Japanese language page on Wikipedia for more interesting information about Japanese.