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Rocket Japanese review

By Gerrit du Plessis

Rocket Japanese PremiumHi, welcome to my language learning site. I’ve reviewed many different language courses over the last four years, and I’m completely confident in recommending Rocket Japanese to you. But don’t take my word for it. Read my Rocket Japanese review below and discover why I think it’s the perfect Japanese learning resource for your needs.

Rocket Japanese’s most obvious strength is implied by its name – it’s fast! But beyond that, this Japanese learning program really takes advantage of the full power and potential of the computer. You’ll begin with the practice dialogues that go along with virtually every foreign language course, although I’d have to say that Rocket Japanese’s conversations are a lot more entertaining than most of the others I’ve previewed.

But this is NOT an immersion program, in which speakers speak Japanese, Japanese, and nothing but Japanese. The dialogues are in Japanese all right, but the explanations and asides are in English, which provides necessary background to flesh out your understanding and help you learn Japanese online more quickly. In addition to dialogue-based lessons, Rocket Japanese adds in language and culture lessons to teach you more about the life and customs of the Japanese people. You’ll also study the way Japanese phrases and sentences are structured, which is almost always completely different from English. This simple but obvious fact is often overlooked by other language learning systems—but not by Rocket Japanese!

Another distinctive feature of Rocket Japanese is its ability to work effectively with every learning style. You may not even have known you had a learning style—but you do. If you learn best by reading but tend to forget what you hear, you’re probably a visual learner. If you learn best by listening but don’t retain what you read, you’re probably an auditory learner. And if you don’t learn well by listening or reading but remember what someone has shown you how to do, you probably had a really hard time in school—but you’re probably a kinesthetic learner, one who learns by doing.

Believe it or not, Rocket Japanese has methods to target each style. Auditory learners will love the entertaining dialogues. If you’re a visual learner (like me), you’ll be able to read the dialogue as it’s played out in a Romanized alphabet as well as Hiragana (the most commonly-used Japanese syllabic script). And kinesthetic learners will love the video games! (Yes, I DID say video games!) Word Master builds your vocabulary. Phrase Master helps train your ear so you’ll be able to understand the kind of Japanese spoken on the street.

If you’re worried that you’re having too much fun to be actually learning Japanese online, Rocket Japanese tracks your progress with self-administered quizzes. A newer feature, Rocket Record, lets you compare your spoken voice with that of a native speaker. And if you get stuck at any point, your paid purchase of Rocket Japanese gives you access to an exclusive learner’s forum, staffed 24/7 with native speakers and teachers who can answer any question you may have.

Remember I said Rocket Japanese was comprehensive? I’m sure you can see why I’ve awarded it the number one program in my survey.

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