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Rocket Korean review

Hi, I’m Gerrit—and I’ve spent months trying out language products to find the perfect option for me. I’ve taken the guesswork out of your search by evaluating three Korean language programs – Rocket Korean Premium, Byki Korean Deluxe, and Pimsleur Digital Korean. I’ll compare them feature by feature, and show you the best way to learn Korean fast!

If you were planning to study French, Spanish, or German, there would be literally dozens of programs on the market from which to choose. With Korean, it’s a little more difficult. Your local university may not teach Korean (certainly not at a time that’s convenient for you). Your local bookstore may not stock any Korean materials at all. You turn to the Internet and find a couple of different programs – but which will help you learn Korean fast, in a way that works best for you?

Without further ado, here are the results!

Below is our latest Korean language course rankings…

1st Place
Rocket Korean review
Rocket Korean (Premium)

2nd place
Byki Korean review
Byki Korean (Deluxe)

3rd place
Pimsleur Korean review
Pimsleur Korean (Digital)

I’ve ranked these programs according to three different criteria:

  • Usefulness – whether the vocabulary they teach would actually help you in a Korean-speaking situation.
  • Clarity – whether the average student would understand the concepts being taught
  • Value – whether you’d be getting your money’s worth with this product

And to be honest, the results surprised me!

1st Place

Rocket Korean

Usefulness:    98%
Value:    97%
Guarantee:   100% Money Back
Price:   $149.95
Overall Rating:  97%


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Rocket Korean Premium gets the top spot in my evaluation. It’s aptly named because there definitely is no faster way to learn Korean! The strength of this program lies in its ability to target the precise way you learn, so regardless of your learning style, you’ll be able to learn Korean fast.

Do you learn best through listening to spoken conversations? Rocket Korean has some of the best dialogues in the business – useful, colloquial, natural-sounding, and just plain fun. Do you need a transcript to follow? No problem! Rocket Korean Premium displays the dialogues in both Hangeul (Korean characters) and a Romanized alphabet you can read right away. Do you need engaging activities to imprint the lessons on your brain? You’ll love Rocket Korean’s Word Master and Phrase Master! They make learning Korean as enjoyable as playing your favorite video games. As you go along, compare your spoken accent with that of a native Korean speaker using Rocket Record, and track your progress with interactive quizzes and self-tests.

In the case of Korean, particularly, there are many cultural factors that impact the language itself. For instance, in English, you’d use the same phrase to ask your sister how she’s feeling as you’d use if you were inquiring about the health of your boss. This is not true in Korean at all! There are many levels of politeness, and it’s essential to use the right one in the right circumstances. Rocket Korean’s Language and Culture lessons will help you understand the unique characteristics of Korean.

But wait, I’m not done! What happens when you need the help of a real human tutor? With most programs, you’d be stuck – but not with Rocket Korean! When you purchase the full program, you’ll gain access to an exclusive learner’s forum moderated 24/7 by native Korean speakers. With this system, you’ll learn Korean fast from the comfort of your own home!

Usefulness, clarity, and value – Rocket Korean Premium has it all, and it’s clearly the best way to learn Korean fast.

Consumer Tip: This program is so jam-packed with features that it would be a terrific value even if you had to pay its full retail price of $149.95. But you don’t! Click here to find out how to get Rocket Korean Premium for much, much less.

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Now let’s look at the others, and discover why I ranked them the way I did.


2nd place

Byki Korean

Usefulness:    90%
Value:    94%
Guarantee:   100% Money Back
Price:   $69.95
Overall Rating:  92%

Byki stands for “Before You Know It,” referring to the speed of progress in learning a new language. Byki emphasizes listening to the sound of the language to absorb new words, rather than focusing on Korean’s complicated grammatical structure. They feel this will help you learn Korean fast – but will it?

The developers of the Byki language system distinguish between two types of memory -essentially, the memory bank that contains words and phrases you know “cold,” and another type of memory that shows you what to do with them (grammar). Ideally, to learn Korean fast, it seems obvious that those two types of memory ought to be integrated as quickly as possible. But Byki’s developers believe that a new student must encounter a word or phrase between 5 and 16 times before it is “locked” in the student’s memory, and that these words must be “locked in” before worrying about grammar or syntax at all.

All this is well and good, but many people already know a smattering of the language they’re trying to learn. Suppose you already know the word or phrase Byki is trying to teach you? It doesn’t matter – you’re going to have to review it over and over, until Byki’s “proprietary algorithm” determines that it’s locked in your declarative memory. Verbally expressive students will want to get on with the business of forming sentences before Byki is ready to let them. Needless to say, this is not a good way to learn Korean fast.

One solid advantage of Byki over audio-only systems like Pimsleur (which we’ll discuss next) is its comfortable marriage of audio and text. Either auditory or visual learners would feel at home with Byki. There are visual prompts that help you connect the written word to the spoken sound to the image. And a really nice feature of Byki is its SlowSound function, which allows you to slow the speaker’s voice down enough for you to interpret what he’s saying. Finally, Byki’s technology allows you to practice your language lessons on your iPod or mp3 player, and an app is available for the iPhone.

At less than $70, you wouldn’t expect Byki Korean Deluxe 4.0 to be as full-featured as Rocket Korean Premium, and it’s not – it doesn’t offer culture lessons, educational video games, or lifetime online assistance. For this reason, it landed second on my list. But it is an adequate way to learn Korean fast, and for the price, Byki’s introduction to basic Korean may work for the casual tourist who doesn’t need anything more.

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3rd place

Pimsleur Korean

Usefulness:    82%
Value:    83%
Guarantee:   100% Money Back
Price:   $173.27
Overall Rating:  84%

Pimsleur is a classic name in audio-based language education, and for languages fairly closely related to our own, the company puts out a good product. The Pimsleur philosophy is that each of us learned his or her native tongue in the same way – by listening to our parents speak it. So if we listen to a series of carefully-structured lessons and attempt to replicate what we’ve heard, we ought to pick up Korean the same way we picked up English. It’s not a good way to learn Korean fast, but philosophically it makes perfect sense – on the surface.

There’s just one problem. As we grow, many of us develop learning styles that don’t rely so heavily on what we hear. We need visual cues – in short, we need something to read. You may recall that Rocket Korean teaches the sound of the word together with its Hangeul and Romanized spelling. That way, the student can visually track what the speaker is saying, and utilize two senses rather than just one.

This is especially important in a language like Korean that is nothing whatsoever like English. Pimsleur sails past grammar without so much as a wave. Without some solid explanations of Korean’s very unusual grammar and syntax, anyone trying to use Korean words to construct a sentence would be lost. And as we all know, learning a language is much more than simply being able to recognize words in a stream of conversation. Learning a language is about expressing yourself in that language, and you will not be able to do that in Korean if you don’t understand its grammar. Learning Korean this way – even for auditory learners — is too slow. You need to learn Korean fast, remember?

And what about those culture lessons offered by Rocket Korean Premium? These are critical when studying a country whose entire language is structured on politeness. Unfortunately, even though Pimsleur’s instructional system calls itself comprehensive, it doesn’t offer anything comparable to Rocket Korean Premium on that point. The Korean taught by Pimsleur is stilted, formal, and awkward, possibly because it seeks to offend no one; Rocket Korean, on the other hand, is a living, interactive process helps you learn Korean fast and thoroughly – not through mere repetition of canned phrases, but through an understanding of Korea’s culture and soul. Because Pimsleur Digital Korean is so deficient in this area, it landed at the bottom of my list at #3.

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So I hope you’ve concluded that your best choice for Korean language instruction is Rocket Korean Premium! If you’re ready to begin to learn Korean fast, click here!


I highly recommend Rocket Korean

Rocket Korean Premium

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