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Learn Spanish onlineMaybe you’ve typed this phrase into your favorite search engine, and you’ve got way too many results to count. You’d really like to learn Spanish online in the comfort of your own home, but wouldn’t it be nice if someone could help you decide which program to choose? I’ve reviewed and compared a couple of the best-known Spanish learning programs and rank them, best to worst.

Here are the criteria we’ll use to evaluate our programs:

Usefulness – whether the vocabulary introduced in the course would actually help you in a Spanish-speaking situation.
Clarity – whether the average student would understand the concepts being taught, and how easy the material is to learn
Value – whether this item is worth the money, compared to similar products

The programs I’ve reviewed to date are Rocket Spanish, Fluenz Spanish, Transparent Spanish, Pimsleur Spanish, Learning Spanish Like Crazy, and Synergy Spanish. All these programs are excellent developed by highly competent linguists, and each has diehard fans. But for my money, the best of the bunch is Rocket Spanish. Let’s look at the features of each program by clicking the links above and see why!

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