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Rocket Spanish review

By Gerrit du Plessis

Rocket SpanishHi, I’m Gerrit, the founder of this site—and I’ve spent years comparing different learning systems in order to find the ones that work best for the greatest number of people. But you probably don’t have years to find the best Spanish language system. You need to learn Spanish now—and I’ve got good news for you!

If you really need to learn Spanish fast, you’ll find Rocket Spanish definitely lives up to its name. You’ll start with recorded dialogues which you’ll be asked to repeat – no surprise there. But the great thing about Rocket Spanish’s conversations is that they’re customizable – each time you’re taught a phrase, you’ll learn to say other phrases that spin off from the main one. By the time you’ve finished the first lesson on greeting a stranger, you’ll actually be able to engage in a variety of different greeting situations. All the dialogues in the Rocket Spanish program reflect situations you’d be likely to encounter in real life, and the material is easy to learn and understand.

If your whole Rocket Spanish experience were composed of repeating dialogues, though, you probably wouldn’t learn much Spanish. Fortunately, with Rocket Spanish you also get a very addictive pair of online games – Word Master and Phrase Master. Word Master helps in building a rich vocabulary, while Phrase Master helps you assemble your new vocabulary into useable phrases and sentences. You’ll be able to train your ear to understand the nuances of rapidly-spoken Spanish—and you can test your accent against a native speaker using the Rocket Record feature. And if you need to be able to read along with the dialogues you repeat, you’ll be thrilled to know that a transcript accompanies each one.

Another wonderful feature of Rocket Spanish is its exclusive learner’s forum. When you purchase the program, you’ll be granted access to a forum staffed by native Spanish speakers and teachers. You’ll feel like you’re surrounded by other learners like yourself, as well as teachers who can really help you in your quest to learn Spanish fast.

You can purchase three different levels of Rocket Spanish – Premium (134 hours of lesson time), Combo (244 hours of lesson time), and The Works (370 hours of lesson time). All three work similarly, the primary difference lying in the amount of Spanish you really need to learn—and only you can answer that question! All Rocket Spanish programs can be accessed online, downloaded to any computer, or transferred to your smart phone, tablet or any MP3 player.

So check out Rocket Spanish—you’ll be glad you did!

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